When you've made an investment (or are looking to make one) we know that you want your assets protected. With our years of experience and hard work, we have been able to help hundreds of people and business protect and beautify those valuable assets. From home construction to seal coating to concrete work, Seal King  has you covered.

About Us


Asphalt Sealing, Patchwork and Striping

Trusting a seal coat company is the most important and it's the most important to us.  We are honest and put down the best sealant and we are very fair with our price.

Concrete Work
We do great work at a fair price.  This includes in-ground pools, stamped and coloring, and all types of concrete. 

House and Home Construction

Once you meet us, We are confident you will feel comfortable with Heck's Construction to build your home.  Give us a call if you are thinking about building.  You won't be disappointed.

about us

Come view our References here! We have served both businesses and individuals over the years. Businesses get new customers and individuals get the home of their dreams, both inside and out. So, how can we help you? Please Contact Us and tell us how!