Experience is the key when you choose a concrete company. An experienced company will understand the complications of installing concrete.  After 15 years, we understand the timing involved as the concrete hardens. A variety of decisions have to be made during each individual installation of a concrete pad. Only the veteran concrete companies can organize themselves and time these decisions to make your concrete look perfect!

In addition, experienced concrete companies understand how concrete cracks as it ages. If this is not thought out during the process of an install, your concrete will crack over time much like the windshield in your car when struck by a rock. It's very important to understand where to put control joints, or the lines in concrete pads. The control joints are put in concrete by design for both cracking and cosmetic reasons. If the control joints are not perfectly placed in each pour then you will have abnormal cracking after the very first winter. Only experienced companies understand this and we are one of those companies.

We are very efficient when it comes down to concrete.  This keeps are pricings very reasonable.  Why?  We hit the ground running when we arrive because we are very organized with our time.  We own our own equipment that is essential for efficient installs.


It is all about the details.  My crew understands that every square inch of your concrete has to look perfect.  We care too much is what I have heard over the years of concrete installations.  If that is a flaw, we will take that.

Water run off is the most important detail to pay attention to and we have never made a mistake with this as we realize its importance.  We will pitch your concrete pad in order for all rain water to drain off correctly.  This is second hand nature to us.  We have torn out other companies concrete work because they have failed to realize the importance of this.