NEW Home Construction

Building a home is an important investment.  The information below is going to discuss why you would want to have us build your home, what other companies are doing in the market and what the differences are between us and them.  This might help you decide on who should build your home and at the very least, help you be prepared. I have learned that the home building business is broken.  Why?  During the "boom" years building up to the global economy crash it was the Home building business that nearly brought the US and the Global economy to its knees.  During this time home builders were building houses at a rapid pace to keep up with the demand.  Unfortunately, many or most home builders developed many bad habits during the "house rush" period prior to the crash that exposed wall street and it has carried over to today.  This page will identify what we do differently and what most other companies are still doing.


Price of your new home:  You will find out that if you hand a set of plans to 3 or 4 different contractors that your price will be very different from each.   Bad habits of most (not all) home builders, especially the ones that survived the home financial crisis, bidding accuracy is almost never correct.  For one, other companies will give you a low number to get your business.  Two, they make that up through change orders costing you more money AFTER you have committed to build and during your home construction.  For example, a home builder will give you a $7,000.00 allowance for your kitchen during the bidding process to keep overall cost down and make their bid seem less expensive.  The problem is that the number they gave you is false.  In fact, they can build your kitchen for $7,000 but that is for particle board cabinets, no pulls for your drawers and cheap counter tops.  When your home build gets to the point of you picking out your kitchen you have a choice that you won't be choosing because you don't like anything at the seven thousand dollar number allowance.  The home builder then responds by you picking out a different kitchen arrangement that exceeds your allowance.  This triggers a "change order" for you and your kitchen ends up costing you $17,000 instead of $7,000 that was in the original quote.

Unfortunately, the home builder will respond by saying that you decided to change this expense, which is true, and the price of your house goes up ten thousand.  The problem is that the home builder wasn't accurate or completely honest when he originally gave you his bid during the bidding process.  This happens a lot and is not fair to the home owner.  This "change order" practice is the biggest problem I have with the home building business today and home owners are paying the price.  Think about how many stages there are to building a home.  The kitchen is just one of them.  If you get change orders from every stage of your build you will find out at the end of the project that you are tens of thousands of dollars over budget when your home is finished.  As a result your house appraisal is affected, your monthly payment is affected and ultimately it could trigger a larger down payment because your house is appraised for $200,000 and the build total cost is $250,000.  It's an all around bad practice by current home builders.   Choosing a contractor should be based on how detailed and honest one is during the bidding process, not price because ultimately the lesser price of the 3 or 4 bids you get could cost you the most money in the end through "change order" practices that evolved during the housing crisis and is still very present today.

An honest relationship of a home builder is what you are looking for.  How comfortable do you feel with the contractor is very important.  Mutual respect with the builder and the client is very important.  We will provide that for you if you choose Heck's construction.  It's the only way we know how to do business and frankly it's the smart way to do business.  We want you to recommend Heck's construction after your home is built.  The only way to accomplish this task is to do a great job building your home.

A few more advantages we have in building your house is that we charge one set fee for your home.  Most other contractors will charge a flat rate of 15% or more.  This also includes any upgrades you might want.  For example, your kitchen light has an allowance for you to spend $300.00.  You find a light that you really love and it's $1200.00.  This triggers a change order but what you don't know is that the contractor will be getting 15% of the difference of the light costs.  This applies to every change order with most contractors.  We don't do that because we have a set fee and it doesn't change.  We understand that the $300.00 light takes the same amount of time of labor as a $1200.00 light.  It's not fair to charge you an additional 15%.  If you add all the upgrades you might want to do during the build, the 15% really adds up.  You don't have to worry about this with Heck's Construction.  One set builders fee and no additional charges.  We also have finished carpenters on our crew.  This means if you want to change a few details with your house during the build, we can do that for labor only opposed to bidding it out.  For example, if you want to add crown molding to a room you didn't want before we would do that for you for our costs.  This gives us flexibility to do many different details to your home for a low cost opposed to hiring a sub-contractor and paying their profit margins and then adding 15% to that contract for the home builder.

It makes sense to build with Heck's Construction.  We are fair and once you meet us during the bid process you will quickly realize that we are a company you can work with.